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Cage: Sonatas & Interludes

John Cage (1912-1992)

John Tilbury prepared piano

EXP 0004

1. Sonata I
2. Sonata II
3. Sonata III
4. Sonata IV
5. First Interlude
6. Sonata V
7. Sonata VI
8. Sonata VII
9. Sonata VIII
10. Second Interlude
11. Third Interlude
12. Sonata IX
13. Sonata X
14. Sonata XI
15. Sonata XII
16. Fourth Interlude
17. Sonata XIII
18. Sonata XIV
19. Sonata XV
20. Sonata XVI


Recorded: All Saint's, Petersham, December 1974
This is the first International CD Release featuring this recording.

This recording was first released on Decca's HEAD label in 1975.

The CD booklet contains notes in English, French and German.

Original review
“One of John Cage's most important works for prepared piano in a sought-after recording by one of the champions of twentieth-century piano music, English pianist John Tilbury (who will be 70 in 2006) “… sensitively played by an expert and recorded with obvious fascination for the sounds as such…”