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Come and See: Joe Lee Wilson with Jimmy Ponder

Joe Lee Wilson vocals
Jimmy Ponder guitar

EXP 0024

Come and See: Joe Lee Wilson with Jimmy Ponder (Album)
1. I Love You
2. The Lady
3. Come and See
4. Who Among You
5. Deadly Nightshade
6. I Follow the Sun
7. It’s the Same Thing Everywhere
8. Good Morning Love
9. Nice and Easy


Recorded: Wizard Studio, New Jersey, 18 June, 1981
“One of the 70s’ most striking vocalists” – Ron Wynn, All Music Guide. Music collectors will rejoice as one of the great injustices of the world – the lack of Joe Lee Wilson titles available on CD – is corrected with the release of Come and See. Known by many for his work with Archie Shepp in the 70s (the classic Attica Blues), the unparalleled power and depth of Joe Lee’s baritone was never more evident than on these duets with soul-jazz guitarist Jimmy Ponder. Stirring moments, playful interludes and vocal notes that reach inside to shake your soul – this is a must-hear collection of vocal jazz!

"My mind is made up about the Joe Lee Wilson/Ponder duet – it’s sumptuous in places with the presence of just the latter’s guitar providing the opportunity to relish the quality of the former’s voice. That slightly Leon Thomas-like gurgle on Wilson’s sustained notes is a joy and Ponder proves to be an entirely simpatico, at times selfless partner, arpeggiating with great finesse on timeless themes like Follow The Sun and Come See a Sparrow Singing Jazz."
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